Mr B Photography | Springtime: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone
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Alpenglow on the Tetons prior to sunriseTetons and Snake RiverTetons and Geese along Snake RiverSnake River and TetonsSnake river curving toward the TetonsThe Teton Range reflected in a pool along the Sanke RiverSmooth river rock and the jagged TetonsTetons reflected in a beaver pondSnake River and lone treeStill waters and solitary duck along the Snake RiverColorful heat loving micro-organisms in the West Thumb Geyser BasinFishing Cone GeyserJeff and Stu at Lakeside SpringAbyss PoolBlue Funnel SpringWest Thumb Basin and Yellowstone LakeSunset LakeFirst Light on Upper Geyser BasinCastle Geyser at dawnOld Faitful Steam Plume at sunrise

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